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1. Ivo Sasek only creates works that
may be used for decades by millions

of people free of charge:

2. Through his teachings and proclamation, Ivo Sasek builds on a new world, which can already today be considered
»an example/a flagship model«










International Friendship 2016/2017: People from over 40 nations, from all sorts of religious, political and social backgrounds, publicly testify that they need each other and love each other.

3.Ivo Sasek is -  among others  - founder

of the OCG (Organic Christ Generation):


What does organic mean?

Organic means alive and existentially intertwined. The common belief that humankind is made up of separate individuals is wrong. As our human body consists of many different organs, but together forms only one body, so is humanity. As an organically intertwined organism, we therefore work according to organic laws and principles. We are all united in destiny.


What is the goal of the OCG?

The goal of the OCG is the organic cooperation of all nations. The OCG wants to stimulate worldwide imitation as a prototype of an internationally functioning organism.



What does Christ Generation mean?


Christ means: "Spirit-lived, Spirit-inspired, Spirit-gifted." Christ Generation means that we are now newly
generated (created) as a living organism out of Christ. A body without a mind is dead. We profess to be an
organism inhabited, guided and lived by the Risen Christ, Jesus Christ. He is the Head, we are His limbs.



4. Among other things, Ivo Sasek is the founder of various alternative media offers:



Various media have relentlessly spread the most serious lies about Ivo Sasek, his family and his ministry over the years. These

defamations have never been corrected in public in spite of countless submissions of alternate statements. Thus Ivo Sasek initiated various

alternative media offers in order to let equally slandered people be heard and to make counter-voices of every genre accessible to the people.

Each author / speaker is responsible for his own mediated content.



5. Ivo & Anni Sasek are married and

have 11 children. The motto they live by is:

The new world starts at home!


Hold me from Sasek family:


More about the work and vision of the Sasek family:




6. As an essence of decades of therapy and
family help, Ivo Sasek initiated The Evaluation.



An evaluation is help for self-help, which has helped thousands of people and

hundreds of families in the past decades to live together in harmony. 



7. There are many controversial opinions and

statements about Ivo Sasek and his works.

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